this or that: Julian Edelman or Wes Welker

Waiting is the hardest part.

So I prefer to think of it in shorter, chunkier terms. 

7 days until Patriots training camp.

21 days until the first preseason game (Patriots vs. Redskins).

52 days until the first game (Patriots vs. Miami).

There’s always something to look forward too!

One of the many highlight reels for the 2013-14 New England Patriots season.

There’s still something like 8 days until training camp.

My need for football cannot be satisfied. I’ve already gone through all the videos from past Pats glory, I’ve read Tedy Bruschi’s Never Give Up, and I just ordered Growing Up Gronk and Tom Brady vs. the NFL off Amazon. Is it August yet? 


Best Patriots Plays 2009-2011

Is it football season yet?