Tom Brady gets a high-five! All it took was a Chandler Jones FG block. A scoop. And a score. {x}

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Defensively, if you can get turnovers, blocking a kick, and returning it for a touchdown, that’s how you want to come out and play. I feel like we have a calmness about us. That’s what pays off. You keep going out there and making a play, and the whole momentum changes. [x]

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Make no mistake about it - despite the hype surrounding the team and the annual high expectations to be Super Bowl contenders, at the end of the day the New England Patriots are a team made of underdogs and overlooked potential lead by the largest underdog of them all: Tom Brady. How can you not love that?

This is Julian Edelman’s story - in his own words.


Edelmania is in full effect

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Killing it 30 to 7

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Darrelle Revis, New England Patriots

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